28 November 2012

Guest Post: Elanor's Nails

Today's guest post is from Elanor of Elanor's Nails.


Hello! I'm very excited and very honoured to be doing a guest post for Ruby's Nails. Even more so because of the very exciting reasons behind it - huge congratulations to Jessica and her husband on their gorgeous new arrival, Tristan James! As a UK nail blogger, the polish brand that seems to get the most attention from non-UK nail polish fans is Barry M. This is one of the UK's most popular cosmetics brands - it's cheap, it's widely available, and there is a huge range. Barry M Nail Paints usually sell for either £2.99 (or £3.99 for some of the special ones) and are available in Boots and Superdrug, as well as online here.   They bring out all sorts of new collections on a regular basis. What I've got for you today though, is an old favourite. This is Barry M's Vivid Purple. vivid purple 1 This is two coats, without topcoat. Vivid Purple is one of my favourite Barry Ms. It's a lovely metallic purple, with a sheen that reminds me of beetles, or car paint. I love how easy it is to apply, and how perfectly it dries. What more do you want from a purple? vivid purple 2 I didn't want to stop there though! Another UK brand that gets a lot of attention from non-UK bloggers is Models Own. Their new Mirrorball collection is just stunning - I mean, look! models own mirrorball 2 There are five of these, and they are available for £5 in larger Boots stores, or online here.  Today I'm wearing Boogie Nights (the purple one) over Vivid Purple.  boogie nights 4
Boogie Nights is a clear base, with five different glitters. There is tiny and medium pink hex glitter, medium bright fuschia glitter, medium hex glitter in a bright blue, and larger, irregular shards of silver holo glitter. This is so ridiculously shiny and sparkly that it's almost impossible to photograph. It definitely catches the light though!
boogie nights 3
This can't really be called a 'coat' of Boogie Nights, as the polish is a bit thick and gloopy. Because there is so much glitter, you do need to dab this on and manipulate the glitter around, rather than painting it on as you would with a creme, or with a finer glitter. The smell is quite strong and unpleasant too, and the finish is very lumpy - you most definitely need a topcoat with this! But I think these are minor irritations when the end result is as good as this!
boogie nights 2 I hope you enjoyed my post - if you're interested in seeing more Barry M, and the rest of the Models Own Mirrorball collection, hop on over to my blog!  Thank you so much to Jessica for letting me do a guest post here, and congratulations again! 


Thanks, Elanor! Gotta love those UK polishes!

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