17 November 2012

Guest Post: Nidia with Lit From Within

Today's post is from Nidia.


Hi, My name is Nidia, and I run a little blog called Lit From Within.  I’d like to thank Ruby for inviting me to be a guest blogger while she welcomes the newest member of her family!

In honor of her special occasion, I want to share with you a special polish.  I love Enchanted Polish holos – they are so beautiful!  One that I wanted for a while was Magical Mystery Tour from their Beatles Collection.  It’s a multichrome with a scattered holo.  The color change is very vivid, and you often get multiple colors showing at the same time; predominately blue, aqua, and purple.  

Sometimes, I can’t bear to cover up such an interesting polish with nail art or glitter, but I still can’t help embellish a little, so I went with studs and rhinestones.  I used 2mm silver studs from the Born Pretty Store and square aqua rhinestones from a multi-colored wheel I bought from Cult Nails.  I set them with Northern Lights from Out The Door, just to give it a little extra sparkle.

I loved how the blue stones looked against the changing blue/purple background.  They might have been overlooked, but the silver studs set them off.  They were fun to wear for a day – I can’t wear 3-d art for very long because I tend to pick it off! 

Pix of the elusive right hand:

Do you like to embellish your polish with 3-d art? 

Thanks again to Jessica, and I hope she’s enjoying her maternity leave!


Thanks so much Nidia! I love the extra sparkle of Northern Lights on top. I'll need to try that sometime.

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