14 July 2012

Candeo Colors Orchid

Orchid is the final Candeo Colors that I bought. I got this one in a mini when she did a huge restock of minis only.  I also used my final Disney Villain polish as a base coat to preserve Orchid.

This is Disney Villains #16. The ring and pinkie fingers are what the color looks like, while the middle and index fingers show off the shimmer that is present.  I need 2 coats of this.

Orchid lightened up the Villain polish quite a bit, and I like the effect they have together.  They larger glitters in Orchid had to be dug out of the bottle, but I'm going to guess it's because of the mini bottle.  I needed 2 coats on most nails, but did do some dabbing/glitter placement on some of them for a 3 coat.  Onto some swatch spam!

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