03 July 2012

Flower and Leaf Fimo Canes

I bought these pre-cut fimo shapes from eBay a while ago but haven't gotten around to using them.  I decided to try out both the flower and leaf shapes that I got along with a untried extra Brazilian polish I received in a swap.  The color is called Risqué Violeta Acinzentado. It's a dark purple with a very dusky quality and a tiny bit of shimmer that I tried to capture.

I won't go into detail about how to use fimo canes as there are many videos on places like YouTube that you can watch. I will have to say that I need a bit more practice on being neater using them. You can see some glue around the edges, and the only ones that are really laying flat are on my ring finger.

1 comment:

  1. Very pretty simple and cute.....I have same fimo....me too will do this....:)