21 July 2012

Weird Indeed Troy & Abed

Look what happened to my poor nails! You may also have noticed in some previous pictures that my middle finger was a bit shorter too. It had a smaller break not that long ago. Between all these breaks plus a pretty bad one on my other hand, I decided to go down to nubbins and I am rockin them!

I got this polish a bit ago from an indie Facebook seller called Weird Indeed. She's got some pretty cool colors and awesome nails to go with them. She doesn't appear to have much in stock now, but I would contact her and try to get some. 

I choose Troy & Abed because it named after two characters who are best friends on mine and Andy's favorite TV show, Community. Community is an amazing show, and you should watch it if you aren't already. At the end of every episode, there is a bit extra (called an end cap apparently), and usually Troy and Abed are in it.  Here's one of my favorites:

Donut Cannibalism (sorry I can't embed it. It's from NBC.com and Blogger won't me embed from anywhere other than YouTube or my own videos).

Troy & Abed is a light blue polish with tons of shimmer and some multi-colored glitter. It goes on very nicely. I ended up using 3 coats in these pictures for full coverage. I do wish there was a bit more glitter though.

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