08 July 2012

Orly Purple Pleather

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! I had a great last 2 days with a few more plan for today. Tomorrow, I start teaching summer school so it's back to the grind.

Today for you, I have Orly Purple Pleather. I really loved the swatches I saw of this, added it to my wishlist, and got it from a friend. I do have to say that I'm a bit disappointed though. I used 2 thin coats then one thicker one to even things out. I left plenty of time between each coat, but I ended up with bubbles, ridges, and a dent from not-quite dry polish. This swatch is from last week so perhaps I can blame on it the super hot weather we had. I love the pleather finish of this (so unusual!) so I really want it to work!

1 comment:

  1. These tones of polishes tend to layer out this way sadly :( It's super pretty purple though! Maybe gelous would even it out?