14 May 2013

China Glaze When Stars Collide

China Glaze When Stars Collide is another color I got from the China Glaze Holographics Collection. I kept debating over this color, and boy am I glad that I chose to get it! It's gorgeous and perhaps my favorite.

It went on with one super easy coat. The formula is flawless and clean-up was minimal.  Enjoy the picture spam!

This last picture was taken in the shade, and you can see that it still looks beautiful. I loved When Stars Collide so much that I put it on my toes too!


  1. Oooh that looks really good! I might have to look for that one....

    1. Thanks! I know Ulta sells it, but it's like $14USD. I got it on Amazon.com for $5USD with free shipping so I might check there if I was you!

  2. I can't help but want this colour, stunning!