24 May 2013

Inspired by: Popette by Mini Labo

I've been keeping a board on my Pinterest full of things as inspiration for manis.  I was browsing around and found this pin that I KNEW would be perfect for nail art on top of Ardoise.

The base color is almost an exact match for Aroise.

I took me a while to trace down the original source of this image, but it's a design by a French company called Mini Labo who used the pattern in some of their creations like this cute pencil pouch.

I took me a while to do this design, but I love it so much! The palette, the flowers, the sort of shabby-chic design.

I used a ton of colors to create this so I didn't write them all down. It would have taken forever! I can count about 12-14 different polishes used! I tried to match the colors but couldn't get them exactly right. Still, it turned out great!

As talented as I am (so modest, I know!), I knew I couldn't do this design on my right hand so I did some double polka dots using some of the colors from my nail art design. I hope you all liked this as much as I do!