18 December 2011

24 Days of Christmas Challenge, Day 18: Stockings

I chose to do this design on only 2 nails.

I painted the base O.P.I. Cuckoo For This Color. I told you I used it a lot for this challenge!

Then I painted on each stocking with Finger Paints Paper Mache.  I filled in the red using Pure Ice Siren and added mine and my husband's names. I thought about doing 2 more on the other fingers with my dog and cat's names, but didn't want you'll to think I was crazy.  o_0

Here's some others who are also participating in the challenge:


  1. I love the fact that you put your names on the stockings. Absolutely cute! And I wouldn't have thought you were crazy - my dogs all have stockings!

    BTW I tagged you with a badge. If you like, you can pick it up at BTW I tagged you with a badge. If you're interested you can get it at http://obsessedwithglitter.blogspot.com/2011/12/liebster-blog.html

  2. I loveee how you put the names in the stockings!!