29 December 2011

New storage

The day after Christmas, I hit up a sale at Michael's and got a new storage system for my polish and supplies.  I'm in love.

Most of you have heard of Melmers. Well, this is by the same company, just a different unit. Here's full size image of one: It's the one circled!

I was really debating getting this over a Melmer because it was twice as much, but I really liked that is was on wheels.  On the top is an organizer with 16 little compartments.  All my tools/supplies/cleanup fit on top.

This is awesome.

Here's a picture of one of the drawers. I guess that about 100-110 polishes will fit in each drawer. I have space between mine so you can fit more if you put them closer together.  The drawers are fabric, but with a super study thick cardboard bottom.  There is no track on these drawers either so you can pull them out.

Here's a side shot. Inside of putting ribbon on the holder, I put on paper towel. The lady at Michael's suggested this when I told her that I wanted nail polish storage. So helpful! She was even in the know about polish because I told her I needed something tall enough to store polish and she asked, "What kind? Essie or OPI? Because those are different height bottles." Love it!!

What do you think about this system?

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  1. What a great storage solution!! I would say it's worth the extra money for something like this. Thanks for sharing!