04 December 2011

24 Days of Christmas Challenge, Day 4: Snowman

 For the base, I used Rimmel Chill and 2 coats. It worked out better for me than the last time I used it.

 Then I put on 1 coat of Wet N Wild Blue Wants to be a Millionaire to add some glitter to background. Besides, who doesn't like glitter?

I added in all the details with a variety of colors, stamping tools, and a tiny brush.

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  1. They're really cute! I love them!

  2. awwwww! these are adorable! and I totally agree who doesnt like glitter? hahahaa(:

  3. that is an excellent blue in the background! esp. with the glitter! Nice touch with the scarves alternating direction, and the faces all being slightly different, it makes each nail special!

  4. How cute! The glitter gives a little more to the snowy background effect! Muy linda!

  5. These are really great! Just found your blog! Very nice! Am a new follower!

  6. @Fingers: Thank you! And yea for new follower! I followed you back.