21 December 2011

24 Days of Christmas Challenge, Day 21: Elf

So I goofed! I found this awesome tutorial by Rina at Simply Rins on how to do elves. I was so excited about finding and wanting to try that I had completed the mani before I realized that elf today is tomorrow. Sigh. I wasn't going to take it off, so here it is today!

The base is Revlon Blue Lagoon, and the elf was done with all acrylic paint. It's my first time using them, and I really really like it. I was able to get much finer detail this way.

Isn't he adorable?!  Thanks for the great tutorial Rina!

Here's some others who are also participating in the challenge:


  1. Love him! So cute. You did a really good job! I'll have to check out that tutorial.

  2. Thanks! She's got some great tutorials. I'm not sure how it would work with nail polish, but Rina used acrylic paint and I did too.