20 December 2011

24 Days of Christmas Challenge, Day 20: Sleigh or Sled

I come a new pretty in the mail yesterday, Orly Androgynie,  so I had to use in today's manicure!

First I used Androgynie as the base.  Look how pretty!

I mean, just look at all the glittery goodness!! This is two coats of Androgynie. It's a thinner black so it definitely needs it.

Inspired by this idea from Posh for Polish, I stamped on a sleigh and reindeer. I took forever to get the reindeer to work. Finally, I figured out I was scraping off too much polish and pushed down lighter, it worked! Doh, user error!

Finally, I added in some color details on the sled. In retrospect, I wish I would have left the actual sleigh part white because it looked better.

Here's some others who are also participating in the challenge:

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