27 December 2011

Retro dots

Hey all! Hope you had a great holiday with your families and friends. I know I did, even if it was a bit stressful with cleaning the house and cooking.

While I enjoyed doing the 24 days of Christmas challenge, it was tough! My poor nails were tired after all the acetone and this winter is being unkind to them.

Still, I can't have naked nails, and I didn't want to do a plain color. So I came up with this simple design. Actually, it's inspired by several nail bloggers.

It's only my thumb because my other nails are already chipped so badly! I did this mani on Christmas day actually. My husband worked that day and we celebrated the day before so I had a free day. I took the time to really take care of my nails (pushing back cuticles really well, good clean-up, moisturizing, shaping, etc), and then did this mani.

I used OPI Parlez-vous O.P.I.? for the base. Then I put on the white using Rimmel French White Nail Tip Liner.  Finally, I used O.P.I. Stranger Tides for the dots.

I just got a new storage system and polishes so I'll have a post on those soon!


  1. Love it! I'll have to try this design.

  2. Thanks all! Here's a tutorial from Polish Art Addiction: http://polishartaddiction.blogspot.com/2011/10/green-retro-dots.html

  3. This is really cute and simple! Me gusta mucho! =)