18 November 2011

Matte glitter tip nails

So once again, I had a professional thing so I needed to stick to a tamer manicure. This time I had parent-teacher conferences. I had 2 parents show up, 2! Granted, I only have 21 kids total (I'm part time), but still!
Anyway, I used O.P.I. Russian Navy Suede and put down 2 coats. I then used a striper (Jordana Star Designer) to add the glitter tips.
I finally had a sunny day, plus I found a great spot in my house to take pictures. This is direct sunlight. Look at that shimmer in Russian Navy. Gorgeous!

You can see even more of the shimmer here.
One final shot. Love it!

The thing that really sucked about this manicure is that it lasted less than 24 hours before I had major chippage. Most of it with at the tips with silver glitter. I normally can't get glitter off my nails, but this just chipped off.

But then when I went to take it off, it took forever and was so hard to take off! The glitter tips were hard, but the shimmer in the matte when all over the place. Talk about glitter herpes! Ugh. I ended up just sticking my fingers in my Zoya+ Remover hack and then wiping it off. Worked so much better! I used this method for my swatch fest today, and it worked so much better. I just poured the excess back into the bottle. I'm gonna find a tiny glass container (maybe even a small candle holder?) and use that for dipping my fingers into instead of the polish remover cap.

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