04 November 2011

Wolf half moon

I was inspired by this post by Sonoma Nail Art and decided to try my hand at it. Her's is a lot better than mine.
To start off, I painted my nails white using my Migi nail art pens (there's a brush as well as a pen there and I don't have any other whites). Then I used page reinforcement stickers to block off the moon and painted over it using Rimmel Play Fast Chill. I had to use several coats of it, and it was still splotchy! Maybe the color would have worked better if it didn't have to go over another one.

In this moon on the ring finger where I added the wolf, I used Maybelline Express Finish Sunshine to add some highlights.

Close up of the wolf

This wolf was super hard to do! I tried practicing it a bunch of times of paper and could never get it quite right. Then I decided I needed to trace it somehow. I remembered this post by Nails in Nippon showing you how to make your own nail art stickers. I ended up cutting out a piece of plastic and placing it over my netbook screen and then traced over the design with a Migi nail art pen in black. Finally I filled it in and placed on some top coat.

I really like this technique to make my own stickers. The only problem I had is that I didn't put on a thick enough top coat or let the whole thing dry enough so that made application a bit hard. I'm not the most artistic (and it's hard to do my right hand when I am right handed!) so I plan on making my own stickers in the future.


  1. I love Sonoma Nail Art! Your version is so good! You did a great job! :)

    And to respond to your comment on my blog, yes I crochet too, just started this year, and am making a ton of xmas presents like iphone sleeves and beer cozies. I've been thinking of starting a crochet/craft blog too because that's my other love of my life. Do you crochet?

  2. Thanks so much!

    I do crochet! I don't have any pictures on here. Actually, I forget to take pictures of much of my crocheting. Mostly I crochet little critters.

  3. Very cool Jessica! I like how the wolf is howling over the tip of the moon. Cool placement. If you haven't yet, you might want to try using acrylic paint for some of your nail art. You can get so much more control with acrylic paint than with goopy nail polish. Look up Robin Moses on YouTube to see what I mean. I learned my techniques from her. Thanks for the shout out! You did a great job, I am really flattered! :-)

  4. Thanks so much! I haven't tried acrylic paint yet, but I do have plenty (I'm a crafty sorta girl). I've seen pictures of Robin's thing, but not looked at her videos. I'll add it to my list!